18 Gin and Tonic Infusion Bags – Pyramid Tea Bags To Transform Your Gin & Tonic

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6 Fantastic Flavours With Real Herbs, Spices, Dried Fruit, Fantastic Botanical Infusion Gift Set present

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GIN AND TONIC BOTANICAL GIFT SET – 18 beautifully crafted pyramid tea bags containing a taste explosion that will bring new life to your traditional Gin & Tonic.
TRANSFORM YOUR G&T – Enhance Your Gin Experience! Take a tour of the botanical world through your easy to use and infuse bags, flavours include: Floral, Grassy, Citrus, Spiced, Classic and Herb.
CAREFULLY SELECTED INGREDIENTS – Containing no GMO additives or colourings the botanical ingredients are the most natural way to enhance your gin drinking experience
EASY & FUN – simply select your favourite gin, pour a measure into a glass (preferably a Copa), infuse for 4-7 minutes, remove the tea bag and add your Tonic. Enjoy pure bliss! The Gin Teabags Can Be Used 1-3 Times and Create No Mess.
FANTASTIC GIFT – Set in an Aluminium Tin It’s Possibly the best gift you could give to the gin lover in your life! Perfect for any occasion – (or even a little treat for yourself!) May contain Traces of Nuts


Your Gin Infusion Gift Set Will Contain 18 Tea Bags in Total:

1x Aluminium Tin, Instruction Booklet
3x Spiced – A Lively Mix of deep rich flavours (cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, cumin, orange)
3x Grassy – Lighter on the palette with an Asian Twist (fennel, lemon grass, carraway, kaffir lime)
3x Herb – An earthy compliment to most gins (Rosemary, thyme, Lemon, Juniper, bayleaf)
3x Citrus – Perfect for any citrus botanical gin, enhance by using this delicious botanical infusion (orange, lemon, coriander)
3x Classic – pairs well with any London dry gin (Lemon, Orange, Cardamom, Black Pepper and Juniper Berries)
3x Floral (elderflower, camomile, hibiscus, rose) May contain Traces of Nuts

GMO Free

Store in cool dry place

Made in UK


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